Three Things Your Public Adjusters Wish You Knew About Insurance Claims

When it comes to public adjusters, there are many things they want you to understand to make the process smooth. After all, they’re the experts. This blog will inform you of some of the most important things to understand about the process and what to expect in terms of settlements. At Property Damage Consultants, our Palm Beach adjusters are ready and willing to help you start the insurance claim process.

#1 Your homeowner’s insurance covers more than you realize.

While it’s common for most home insurance to not include flood damage, it may protect you from other things that may apply to your claim. This can include meteors, volcanoes, and more. What’s important here is to read your insurance policy closely to fully understand the coverage you have. This will help you decide if you need to purchase additional coverage for your home.

#2 Sometimes you can reopen a claim even after getting paid.

You can sometimes reopen an insurance claim and file for more money up to a year from the date of your initial claim. This may occur because of additional repairs not foreseen at the time of your claim. Your state department of insurance can tell you if you’re eligible to reopen your claim or if your claim is final.

#3 Many insurance claims are denied because of maintenance failure.

Yes, home insurance pays for unexpected damages, however, if you fail to maintain your home, you’ll most likely get a denied insurance claim. Neglecting a home or commercial property whether from a leak or a roof that needs replacing can lead to a denial. This makes having a regular maintenance schedule important so you can ensure your property is protected and will be compensated for in the case of unforeseen damages.

Hire An Experienced Palm Beach Public Adjuster To Represent You

When you are looking for someone to investigate and file your insurance claim, Property Damage Consultants can help. We work diligently to ensure that all of our customers get the compensation they deserve during this difficult time. We also understand all the laws associated with filing claims and know what can cause your claim to be delayed too.

Allow our expert public adjusting team to do the work for you while you worry about more important things. To learn more about our insurance claim process and to schedule a free consultation with a Palm Beach public adjuster, call us at 561-258-9387.

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