The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Insurance Claims

While we like to think that our insurance company will be on our side, oftentimes, they aren’t. This makes it important to make the right decision regarding not only your coverage but also how to file an insurance claim. With the help of Property Damage Consultants, our Palm Beach public adjusters can guide you through this stressful process. Allow us to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Our experts can help you understand some poor advice regarding insurance claims so you don’t make these mistakes. 

Take The First Settlement Offer

Let’s face it, the insurance company knows that its first settlement offer is too low. Lowball offers are standard practice and frankly, it’s how most make money. Some even deny your claim first and make the policyholder jump through hoops to get approval. 

Don’t Be Careful About What You’re Saying To Your Insurance Company

This is why hiring a public adjuster who is well-versed in the process is important. They will take over investigating your claim and then will present it to your insurance company for you. They are on your side, unlike your insurance company which may pretend to be and then use things against you to deny or even lowball your claim. 

Trust That They Will Always Assess Your Claim In Good Faith

This legalese means that they must treat you fairly, reasonably, and most importantly, honestly. When they negotiate a claim in bad faith, they can get in trouble. If there is a breach of this duty of care to you, you can pursue legal action. 

You Must Hurry To Accept An Offer

There are times that insurance companies act like you need to make a decision fast about the settlement. However, this isn’t true. They think they can lure you in with quick cash, but in actuality, you’re signing away your rights to any other compensation. Take your time! 

Gain Some Peace of Mind With a Palm Beach Public Adjuster by Your Side

At Property Damage Consultants, we are committed to being our customers’ advocates. We work hard every step of the process to help them get the compensation that they deserve most. When you’ve experienced loss or damages, it’s time to call our public adjuster experts who can help manage your insurance claim. To schedule a free consultation and to learn about the services we can offer you, call 561-258-9387 today.

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