My Claim Was Denied or My Claim Was Deemed Below Deductible, What’s Next?

If your property loss or damage claim has been denied or determined to be “below deductible”, it may not be the end of the road for you. Peace of mind is still possible with the assistance of a Property Damage Consultants Licensed and Bonded Public Adjuster, granted you indeed have a valid claim.

The insurance claims process can be time consuming and confusing as it relates to the language of your respective policy. You would be surprised how often claims are denied simply because of missing documentation to support the damages claimed or missed communications. A claim may also be denied because, the insured did not properly convey the actual cause or extent of their damages simply due to lack of knowledge; they also may not have access to the necessary experts to validate their claim.

When you file a claim, your insurance company immediately begins coordinating their team of experts to represent them on that claim.  

Upon receiving your denial letter from your insurance company, your next step is to consult with a Property Damage Consultants LICENSED PUBLIC ADJUSTER. **Note: Do not fall victim to scammers posing as public adjusters who deceive unsuspecting policyholders into signing an AOB or assignment of benefit contract which gives them a large portion, if not an entire claim settlement payout. You can verify your public adjuster’s license status with Florida’s Department of Financial Services: Licensee Search ( or you are guaranteed to locate a licensed public adjuster by visiting the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (FAPIA) website.

“Hiring a licensed public adjuster is hiring your own team of experts” to refute your carrier’s findings or lack thereof. Property Damage Consultants, Inc (PDC), headquartered in Boynton Beach, FL offers free damage inspections and basic policy reviews and are available 24/7 at (888) 694-8303 to assist with your denied or below deductible claim.

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