Hurricane Season Is Coming! How to Prepare?

Living in Florida we should be prepared for hurricane season, right? Well there are many Floridians who are not 100% sure how to prepare themselves or how to even prevent their homes and property from experiencing damage. Here are a few tips to prepare you and your family for the upcoming hurricane season.

  • Make sure you have secure window covers or storm shutters
  • To reduce roof damage, you can use hurricane straps or clips to secure the roof to the frame of your home.
  • Check and reinforce caulking around doors and windows. In some instances, wind-driven rain can cause some moisture damage even if there is no structural damage.
  • Trim down and trees or shrubs to avoid the chance of them breaking and falling onto your home or flying around and causing damage.
  • You can call us to review your insurance policy to make sure you have an adequate amount of insurance and the proper coverage.
  • Keep in mind the home owner’s insurance does not cover floods so if you are in a flood zone you may want to get in touch with your agent to find out your options.
  • Document your important contents in the case that there is any damage. You can document via photos or video.

Lastly, have a Property Adjuster like Property Damage Consultant’s number on hand in the case that you do have an emergency. Having PDC’s contact information will insure that in the case of emergency our trained public adjusters will be there to assist you.

What is Homeowners Insurance and what does it cover?

When reading a home owner’s insurance policy, a lot of the wording might be a little confusing and you might not know exactly what your homeowner’s policy covers.

Homeowner’s insurance is a kind of property insurance that covers damages to the insured’s house and contents inside. It also provides liability coverage for accidents that may happen in the home or on the property. A homeowner’s insurance policy can cover damage caused by hail, lightening, fire, windstorms and vandalism. In many cases damage that has been caused by floods and earthquakes are excluded. Optional coverage and policies are available to cover these other types of losses.

There are different types of homeowner’s coverage: dwelling, personal property, Loss of use, other structure coverage and personal liability.

Dwelling coverage can be the funds used repair or rebuild your home if it is damaged by a loss covered by your policy

Personal property coverage can be paid to the insured for any personal items in your home that are damaged by a covered loss. These things can include furniture, clothes and electronics.

Loss of use coverage can pay for an additional living expenses (ALE) in the event that you may have to relocate temporarily while the repairs on your home are being done.

Other structure coverage can pay for covered damages to structures that are not attached to the home. Such as garages, sheds and fences that are on your property.

Personal liability coverage is liability coverage that can help the insured in the case that there is a lawsuit against said insured or a member of your household that is responsible for causing any type of bodily harm or property damage.

The amount of coverage is different for each individual policyholder and there are also additional coverages that you can add to your policy. Knowing and understanding these terms in your policy and also having the assistance of a professional public property adjuster, handling and resolving your claim should be no problem.

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