How to Solve Issues With Your Insurance Claim

It’s no secret that property insurance claims can be complex. This makes it important to have an experienced Palm Beach public adjusters handling them for you. At Property Damage Consultants, we have countless years of experience and we understand all damage and coverage issues that may impede your claim. There are countless reasons why hiring a public adjuster can help your insurance claim experience, and when you’re having problems is just one of them.

Here are a few issues we help with:

The Investigation

Our adjusters understand all of the facts of your case, so we can easily detect potential issues in the future. We have the necessary expertise to conduct an investigation on our own, which helps us recognize problems ahead of time.

Handle Coverage Problems

A coverage issue may be the major issue with your insurance claim. Hiring a public adjuster in Palm Beach allows you to have someone by your side who recognizes these problems when they develop and knows how to address them quickly, so it doesn’t delay your payout.

Well Versed With Business Interruption

Nothing is worse when your property damage has completely caused your business to cease operations. A business interruption claim helps to pay employee income, utilities, and other expenses. This helps keep your business from closing as a result of this loss. We can help you submit the proper documentation and work to clarify what a normal expense means for your particular business.

Actual Cash Value

Some claims are paid based on an actual cash value with depreciation deductions. Our job as your public adjuster is to submit documents and other facts that help dispute any lowball offers.

Negotiate a Fair Deal

While negotiating a fair deal can sometimes seem impossible, with the help of our public adjuster experts at Property Damage Consultants, it is achievable. We have the patience and experience to help you get the best settlement offer available.

Schedule a Free Consultation With a Palm Beach Public Adjuster

Nothing is more frustrating than when you file an insurance claim and it runs into issues. At Property Damage Consultants based in Boynton Beach, we work diligently to be every one of our client’s advocates. This allows them to get paid the amount of money that they deserve for their loss. When you’ve experienced property damage, call our public adjuster in Palm Beach at 561-258-9387 to schedule a free consultation and to learn about our services.

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