Why hire a public adjuster

So you have damage to your home. You have reported the claim to the insurance company and you have a few concerns, but you are not sure how to address the

issues or even if it actually is a problem. Hiring Property Damage Consultants is the solution for these concerns.

Here is a list of signs that hiring a public adjuster should be your next move:

  1. If you have roof damage your insurance company and their experts made a determination that states that your damages are “cosmetic” or that it “doesn’t reduce the lifespan of the roof” a PDC adjuster can help. The common types of roofs that might get these determinations are shingle (asphalt, slate & tile roof) or flat roofs.
    Have a PDC adjuster take a look at your policy.
    Insurance policy wording can be confusing, so having an expert to break it down is always best.
  2. Maybe you want to start repair work and you are being told that your contractor’s pricing is too high, or that you need more than one estimate. Sometimes there may need to be a reinspection, but insurance companies can find a way to drag things out and you need someone that knows the in’s and out’s and has your best interest in mind. Getting too many estimates can give the insurance company too many “options” and they might go with the lower bid and say the other estimates are too high. Call a PDC adjuster!
  3. The last thing an insurance company wants a policyholder to do is to hire a public adjuster.
    There comes a time in the process where you feel frustrated and have reached your breaking point regarding your claim.
    Voicing this opinion to your insurance company and letting them know that you are considering seeking the help of a public adjuster, they may try to provide comfort by saying they are doing the best they can and saying seeking outside help is not needed. Call a PDC adjuster!

By hiring a PDC public adjuster, you won’t have to deal with any of those conversations or issues as your public adjuster will take care of all of it for you. Property Damage Consultants is here to help with your claim in the best way possible. If you haven’t hired us already, Contact us now!

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