“I would certainly recommend your company to anyone who experiences a loss.”

When we met at my apartment to assess the damage to the apartment and you were engaged to place an insurance claim for the damages, you assured me that you were a professional. You certainly proved yourself capable. All the details and negotiations were handled by you and your office staff and the results very pleasing.

Charlene Trenk

“PDC went over and beyond in every measure possible way”

To whom this may concern, Carla has been an exceptional help to me through the process of fixing my damaged home. She has went over and beyond in every measure possible. Her communication and work ethic is phenomenal. With all her help I’ve been able to get through to several banks that was giving me a major problem with paperwork. I feel that she should be recognised for her work. She’s very selfless in everything she does with all her clients and gets the job done in no time. Keep up the great work Carla, you have made my experience with property consultants a great experience. I will be looking forward to working with you again.

Daphne Britton

I highly recommend Property Damage Consultants.”

Our property was totally destroyed by a fire in Feb 2015. Craig was great thru the entire process. He took over and handled the entire process
with the insurance company. Having a fire destroy any property is very emotional especially when it was your previous home. When someone like
Craig takes over , he makes the entire process a lot easier and his sense of humor helped along the way . He communicated with me
every step that required my input. In the end I was extremely satisfied with the settlement PDC achieved from the insurance company. In fact it
exceeded my expectations. I am ever so grateful to Craig and his staff. Extremely professional and excellent results! Craig if you care to use
pictures of our fire damage you have my permission. I will gladly speak with any of your prospective clients to re assure them. Thanks, Stan

Stan W.

“Don’t handle your claim alone! The experienced professionals at Property Damage Consultants are veterans of the insurance industry and have experience on both sides of the table. They know exactly what they are doing.”

The insurance company offered the YMCA of Boca Raton only $300,000 settlement for damages caused by Hurricane Wilma. As Project Manager for the property, John recommended Property Damage Consultants to handle the hurricane damage claim. PDC recovered a $1.2M settlement that they were entitled to receive. On his own property, which also experienced damage from Wilma, the insurance company offered a $7,000 settlement. PDC recovered $140,000 from his insurance company.

John Imbres, Builder/Developer
Project Controls of Florida, Inc.

“Without question I highly recommend Property Damage Consultants to handle any damage claims. They always get you more than what the insurance company is willing to pay and they really take care of you.”

Following a plumbing failure in the kitchen, water damage flooded her entire house. The flood damage ruined cabinets and caused extensive damage to rugs, carpeting, furniture, and artwork. The house was temporarily uninhabitable. Irith contacted Property Damage Consultants. PDC handled everything she needed; from arranging for Irith and her husband to live in a rented home throughout the repairs processes to recovering the maximum settlement possible for the damages.

Irith Shade, Homeowner

“The results that we received from PDC were absolutely incredible.”

Hurricane Wilma caused extensive hurricane damage to multiple buildings at the YMCA in Boca Raton. Their insurance company’s initial payment was approximately $100,000 making it impossible for them to repair the hurricane damages. They hired PDC and our team of experts assisted them in recovery and additional $800,000.

Vicki Pugh, Executive Director of the Boca Raton YMCA

“We had no idea that there was an advocate for us in the insurance industry. My husband and I highly recommend that everyone use a public adjuster and Craig’s team in particular. I give them 10 stars.”

When Hurricane Wilma hit South Florida, both the contractors and the insurance company said the Lippy’s house in Boca Raton hadn’t been affected. But shortly thereafter the bamboo floors of the house started to discolor and buckle. Property Damage Consultants was brought in to investigate. They discovered that the hurricane’s winds loosened the casings in many of the windows. Whenever it rained it would cause a slow water leak to seep through the windows and down underneath the floor. This caused major water damage throughout the house. The initial settlement offer by the insurance company was $40,000 which was less than their deductible. But PDC’s extensive investigation determined the full scope of the damages. As a result, the Lippy’s were awarded $230,000 by the insurance company.

Sandra Lippy, Homeowner

“I would highly recommend PDC to everyone for both their commercial and residential claims needs.”

PDC has handled multiple commercial real estate claims for Alan. Hurricane damages including a blown off roof and a breakage in water lines resulted in over one million dollars in losses at Alan’s Hollywood office building. PDC recovered every last dollar.

Alan Alweiss, Commercial Real Estate Owner
Arcadia Properties

“PDC succeeds where other public adjusters fail. They know what to look for down to the smallest details.”

Hurricane Wilma’s fierce winds left Geneva Love’s Parkland house with several seemingly minor damages. However they gradually caused major long-term problems. A torn roof caused leaks that quickly led to molded walls. Blown-out window screens left sections of her garage and attic unprotected. At first Geneva engaged the services of another public adjusting firm. They negotiated a gross claim for 25K. Months later, with moisture problems getting worse, she engaged the services of PDC. PDC found several previously overlooked details of the wind damages including a crack in a bedroom window. Geneva’s claim was re-negotiated. As a result she received an additional gross settlement of 82K.

Geneva Love, Parkland Homeowner


  • Please provide as much detail as necessary to explain the cause of loss or damage to your home.