Three Things Your Public Adjusters Wish You Knew About Insurance Claims
Three Things Your Public Adjusters Wish You Knew About Insurance Claims
December 12, 2022
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January 15, 2023
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Five Compelling Reasons Why You Need A Public Insurance Adjuster

Five Compelling Reasons Why You Need An Public Insurance Adjuster

Understanding when is the best time to hire a public insurance adjuster is important. Frankly, most people don’t understand insurance or insurance claims so hiring a public adjuster in Florida can help. At Property Damage Consultants, we understand the often tedious process of both investigating and filing claims. We also completely understand how simple details affect a claim and how much money our customers are awarded.


#1 We work for you.

Because we understand the process ahead, there will be no surprises or hiccups along the way. We also are aware of the time needed to investigate your claim and present it to your insurance company. We work diligently to make your claim so compelling that you get what you deserve to be paid.


#2 Get paid what you deserve.

You’ll definitely maximize your settlement when you hire a public adjuster. We will know what your damages are worth and what can be included in your claim. This allows us to help maximize the amount you will realize and eliminate any potential out-of-pocket expenses. This makes a huge difference in the settlement check you’ll receive.


#3 Give yourself peace of mind.

Let’s face it, this is a stressful time and there are countless other things you need to be worrying about. When you’re stressed, it’s easy to make mistakes when filing a claim. This is why hiring a public adjuster will help you get your claim processed correctly and allow you to focus on more important things that you can handle on your own.


#4 They’re more experienced.

No matter how much you research, a public adjuster will always be more competent to file an insurance claim. We understand the local laws and have the necessary training and experience to file a claim. Because of our expertise, we also know what can hold a claim up the most, so we meticulously comb through your claim before submission to ensure we have you covered.


#5 We’re paid when you are.

This means that we get paid when you get your settlement so you don’t have to stress about finance even more than you are. We will work out a deal on a percentage of your claim that we will receive from our hard work to get you paid as quickly as possible. All of this will be discussed in your free consultation, whether on the phone or in one of our offices. 

Have An Experienced Palm Beach Public Adjuster By Your Side

When you want to hire someone specializing in insurance claims, you can be sure that you’ll get the results you’re looking for with Property Damage Consultants. We work hard every step of the way to get you the compensation you deserve. We are well-versed in the entire process, so you can sit back and allow us to get the work done for you. To learn more about our services or to schedule a free consultation, call our expert team at 561-258-9387. We can represent clients in many states and U.S. territories.

With 29 years of Adjusting experience, Craig Drillich established Property Damage Consultants in 2002. After working on behalf of the insurance companies for twelve years and tired of seeing the injustice being done to the property owners, Craig Drillich, President of the Board of Directors of the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (FAPIA), became a consumer advocate as an all lines licensed Public Adjuster and Appraiser.

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